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Digital Printing
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Digital Printing

Running a business in a world of instant gratification is a huge challenge. With today’s consumers having such short attention spans and fleeting interests, businesses find themselves looking for the best marketing solutions for the best price and with the best turnaround time. This is why digital printing is a godsend.

Wide Format PrintingQuick, cost-effective, and highly customizable, digital printing makes high-quality signage accessible to both small and large businesses. Full-service sign companies such as Tempe Sign Company have the equipment, experience, and expertise to provide stunning digitally printed vinyl signage that you can use for a long time.

Digital printing by Tempe Sign Company is especially useful if you need large-format vinyl signs that fit your specific branding, timeline, and budget.

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Fade-Proof Exterior Signs

It’s hard to believe that something as economical as a digitally printed sign can be made to withstand everyday outdoor elements. At Tempe Sign Company, our exterior signs are built and designed to be long-lasting, so that they can catch attention and bring customers through your doors in for a long time.

Tempe Sign Company fade-proofs and weather-proofs our printed signs by choosing only the most ideal materials for outdoor use. For inks, we have solvent and eco-solvent options. Solvent-based ink bites deep into the vinyl, which results to durable and fade-resistant prints even when used in the outdoors. It dries rather quickly and can be printed on uncoated media.

We also use eco-solvent ink which is ultraviolet resistant and comes in a wide spectrum of colors. Another step Tempe Sign Company can take to further lengthen your sign’s lifespan is by adding a layer of laminate.

High-Resolution Indoor Signage

Tempe Sign Company’s digital printing services can still help your business even after you’ve managed to bring them in through your doors. And we do this through high-resolution indoor signage. Because digital printing can be personalized to suit your brand identity, you can be assured that your customers have exceptional brand experience for every minute they spend inside your facility.

Indoor signs such as wall decals and vinyl banners are subject to constant up-close inspection by your customers, and we totally understand how important print quality is these situations. This is why we use premium water-based ink when digitally printing indoor signs.

Our supply of aqueous inks vividly produces a wide range of colors and produces arguably the most high-quality prints among all ink types on vinyl. And when you couple this with Tempe Sign Company’s state-of-the-art wide-format printers and superior printing process, you get indoor signs that clearly and beautifully speak your brand message.

Completely Customize Your Design

One of the best things about digital printing is that your sign design can be created or modified according to your brand’s identity, target audience, and objectives. Designs can be printed from a computer image file, straight to an inkjet printer.

If you already have a design, you can send it to Tempe Sign Company and we can print it for you. If you don’t, that won’t be an issue as we also have in-house graphic artists who can help you come up with a sign design that not only looks great on a computer screen, but will be attractive and effective on the sign material as well.

Full-Service Sign Company

Tempe Sign Company understands the complexities of business signage. Our strong team of designers, marketing experts, engineers, and signage specialists handles every aspect of the sign-making process…from conceptualization, to design, to printing, to fabrication, to installation, and even until maintenance.

Tempe Sign Company is committed to delivering our clients the highest quality prints, signs, and customer support possible. And we can’t wait to do the same for you!

Free Digital Printing Consultation

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Technology has definitely leveled the playing field for all businesses. Large-format used to be something only large companies could afford, but now, with digital printing, all business owners can easily promote their brands in vivid colors, stunning images, and bold designs.

If you’re wondering how digital printing can help give your business a boost, Tempe Sign Company would be happy to address your questions or concerns. Just give us a call and one of our experienced signage specialists can give you a free consultation.

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