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Portable Signs

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Portable signs are signs that are not permanently attached to the ground or any structure. Such signs include A-frames, chalkboard and whiteboard signs, flag signs, banners, yard signs, etc. They have been useful tools in advertising for more than a century and are still considered a worthwhile investment until now.

custom promotional a-frame signsA reason why portable signs remain to be a relevant and popular sign choice for businesses is that they help generate income through their highly effective promotional function. The best part? They come at a reasonable price and can even be rented out to other businesses and bring in even more money. Portable signages are used to attract and capture the attention of passersby and pointing them to a specific business, ultimately helping convert curious pedestrians to potential customers.

Mousegraphics is a trusted local signs provider that specializes in producing sturdy, custom-made portable signs with strategic and impactful content. We have partnered with numerous businesses and we’ve successfully provided them with effective long-lasting, portable signs suited to meet their needs, locations, and budgets.

We can’t wait to do the same for you!

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Flag Signs, Banners, & Displays

Promotional Banner FlagsPromoting your business isn’t always done on site. Sometimes you have opportunities to display your brand at tradeshows, conventions, or even community events. Mousegraphics ensures you have the right portable signage to speak to your audience. We create complete custom displays, indoor and outdoor banners, flag signs, yard signs, real estate signs, and even custom vehicle graphics and magnets to take your marketing on the road.

If you are sponsoring or managing a local event, we can provide both sponsorship banners and signs, as well as main event signage to make it easy for your visitors, sponsors, and attendees to navigate your space. We can help you design and select elements that are either cost-friendly for a single use, or sturdy and easily updated for consistent use, based on your needs and future promotional plans.

A-frame Signs for Fast Promotion

custom restaurant a-frame signMousegraphics also offers portable signs fit to catch attention and promote brands in smaller areas such as sidewalks. Our sandwich sign options put the “portable” in portable signs. They are small, light, and compact enough to move around and store easily, but are also durable enough to withstand everyday outdoor elements.

A-frame signs by Mousegraphics also offer some flexibility. Some models are made with high-quality hard plastic and can be kept in place more firmly by filling up the frames with sand or water. When you’re done using the sign, you can simply pour the sand or water out and proceed to storage.

At Mousegraphics, we have a wide selection of portable signs that you can choose from. We want to give you the signage that best suits your business…whether it’s something as light as a pop-up A-frame sign made of water-repellant fabric, or something as heavy-duty as steel-framed marquee sign with ballasts.

Free Portable Signs Consultation

Portable signage and all the strategic complexities that come with it is no easy feat. And this is exactly why it’s so important to partner with a signs provider that you know you can trust.

Mousegraphics knows the ins and outs of portable signs because we’ve been in this business for years! We are the ideal choice for something as vital and challenging as portable signs. Do you want to know more about portable sign design, materials, and installation? Our team of marketing experts, engineers, and signage specialists are here to help.

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