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Room ID Signs
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Room ID Signs


Tempe Sign Company produces room identification signs that are the perfect blend of form and function. Our signs are designed to play their vital part in your facility’s wayfinding master plan and crafted to give your business that elegant, professional feel.

custom acrylic wayfinding sign

With room ID signs, you can keep customers and visitors informed as to where they should go inside your establishment. They can also give others a good idea of what it is that your business does.

Crisp and clear room ID signs exude a sense of stability and professionalism in your business. With Tempe Sign Company’s team of sign specialists and innovative designers, you can tailor their design to suit your brand identity, to fit your budget, and to accomplish its purpose.

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Signs for All Business Types

custom wayfinding room IDEvery establishment needs high-quality room identification (ID) signs to set the tone of the business. Whether it’s for a store, an office, a school, a shop, or even a hospital, room ID signs give the facility its visual appeal and meet its wayfinding needs.

Affordable and light, room ID signs with inserts are ideal for fast, easy, and instant changes. This is perfect if your place changes room assignments at a fast pace. You can just get new room information printed and then slip them snugly in the insert sign.

If your business has rooms that are being used randomly and intermittently, room identification signs with sliders would be a good option. With a flick of a finger, conference room signs can let others know when a room is in use. Adjustable signs can indicate if a doctor is in or out. Sliding room ID signs are very useful in busy environments.

Tempe Sign Company designs the right room ID signs for every business type, allowing you to make it easy for your staff, visitors, and guests to find their way without human assistance.

Wide Selection of Materials

custom vinyl room ID signsNot only do we make signs for all types of businesses, we also make signs from various types of materials.

Having been in the sign-making industry for many years, we know that a sign’s material plays a huge part in communicating the exact message that you want to convey. Here at Tempe Sign Company, we work with many materials in order to give you the exact sign that your business needs.

Give your business a rich, ambiance by getting room ID signs made of premium wood with engraved letters. If you’re looking for a more modern, polished look, you can go for metal signs or metal laminate signs.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom metal door signWe at Tempe Sign Company know that sign-making is far from just producing good signs. Our industry is about creating great designs, sourcing quality materials, making superior signs, meticulously installing them, and having support/maintenance available.

We’ve got all of this covered for you. Tempe Sign Company has the experience and the talent to capture your brand identity, and showcase this in all of your room ID signs.

We are in this with you from start to finish.

Free Room ID Signs Consultation

Give your customers and visitors a satisfying and convenient business experience by having room identification signage that’s both attractive and informative. Tempe Sign Company can help you with this.

If you want to know how something as simple as room ID signs can help attract and retain customers, you might want to have a conversation with one of our sign specialists today.

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